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The Institute of Forensic Auditors (IFA) is a professional body based in Zimbabwe operating at globally level and its members are found in many countries notably in Pakistan, Ghana, Nigeria, etc. Started at national level, IFA has since grown into a bigger institution serving the needs of many professionals across the globe and is a member of the International Federation of Forensic Accountants and Auditors (IFFAA). While there are so many questions that have been asked by prospective members, here are a few of the frequently asked questions (FAQs).

  1. How do l join the Institute of Forensic Auditors? For one to register with the Institute, one should meet the minimum requirements for admission as spelt here, and must have passed the examinations of the Forensic Auditors Certification Board (FACB) of England and Wales which are conducted in March, June, September and December. FACB examinations are not a requirement for student members applying for the first time, but are mandatory if one is to join as a full member of the Institute. The Institute does not prepare you for the examinations and it is the applicant's responsibility to look for an accredited training institution in his or her country of jurisdiction. FACB syllabus will only be given to applicants who have paid all the financial obligations in full including the FACB's certification fees. These new requirements are with effect from the 1st of March 2016 and applications received prior to this date are not affected provided such applicants had met all their financial obligations.


  2.  What do l get after passing my examinations? With effect from 1st March 2016, the Institute is not responsible for any examinations and these are outside our scope. The Institute now relies of a third party certification which is now carried out by the Forensic Auditors Certification Board (FACB) though we handle applications for members interested in our membership which is of course dependent on one passing such examinations. Note that FACB handles the certification process and does not handle the membership affairs which is our responsibility to ensure that our members remain competent.


  3. When are the examinations written? Examinations of the Forensic Auditors Certification Board (FACB) of England and Wales which are conducted in March, June, September and December on such dates as will be announced by FACB.


  4. What are the fees charged? For student applicants, the fee is USD200 and upon admission payable to IFA and , FACB's examination fees are fixed by the Board and may change from time to time without notice and are currently at £500. All fees must be paid in full before sitting for an examination. Applicants for re-certification are billed at the rate of £100 on an annual basis.


  5. How long does it take to complete all the processes and stages? Applications for joining the Institute take at minimum one month to six months to have them approved. FACB's examinations need one (1) year at minimum in order to prepare adequately and we have no control over this third party process.


  6. Can one be expelled from the Institute? Certainly the Institute expels members for various reasons. If one has joined  a student member, he will be expelled for incompetence if he or she fails the FACB's examinations on 2 attempts as that is the maximum chances allowed per each level. In exceptional cases, a student member may be given a third and final chance and after failing to make it, its an automatic expulsion from the Institute and may re-apply after 2 years. Other common reasons for expulsion include incompetence as in the above scenario, failure to abide by the code of ethics of the profession, etc. The process of expulsion is necessary as a measure to protect members of the public from such unethical persons.


  7. How do l start now? There is little reason in visiting the Institute's offices as the Institute has become more of a global virtual office to cater for the needs of all the members across the world. Everything we do is electronic. To apply for membership, you do it from our website. To pay your dues, you either use your credit/ debit card or visit the bank to make your deposit or transfers. In case you need an application form, we are sorry to advise that we do not give or have any hard copy application forms to give even if you come at our offices, we will still tell you the same story. However in exceptional cases, we allow people to visit us and that is only after one has phoned us or emailed us as those are our standard mode of communication and this will only be permitted after having failed to resolve your matter through the standard modes of communication. Our aim is to make the Institute accessible from any point in the world and with our live chat system, we can still talk to you during business hours.

  8. Do you have any other affiliations? We do have many affiliations globally as a way of strategically positioning our self as an Institute. These affiliations should however not be construed as if we are part of that other institution. We are independent in our approach and should one wish to join any of our affiliated institutions, IFA does not have a say in that and is always best to approach the other institution directly.


  9. Who is behind the Institute? It is the members who are behind the Institute and it is the members who drive the Institute though the day to day operations are the responsibility of the Secretariat.

  10. Do you accept hard copies of certificates, etc? We have no place to store them and have better ways of storing such information and papers which is more efficient and secure. It saves your time and our time if you submit your papers electronically and we want to spend most of our time doing productive work than dealing with queries that can equally be solved through other ways. We thank you for your understanding.

  11. How do l interact with the Institute? For face to face interaction, we can meet you at our seminars, conferences, general member's meetings, etc and not outside these platforms.

  12. What programmes, certificates and diplomas do you offer? We do NOT offer any programmes if you want to learn and neither do we offer any certificates or diplomas. Much concentration of the Institute is on driving membership and the rest is the responsibility of colleges and other training institutions in case you are looking for a diploma or a certificate.