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The Institute Unveils Futher Professional Designations

HARARE - The Institute has introduced some very exciting professional designations with effect from 1st January 2016. It's good news for the existing CFAs who qualified in prior years. You can now get certified as a Certified Ethical Hacking & Security Expert (CEHSE). This new professional designation plus the CFA will add up to another automatic designation called the Master Certified Forensic Auditor (MCFA) and is the highest grade that one can attain within the Institute as a CFA.

In order to become a facilitator of the Institute, one must be a Certified Forensic Audit Trainer (CFAT) unless the Board resolves otherwise. The CFAT can only be taken by a CFA who is certified as a Master.

Our theme for this year as an Institute is "How to remain relevant" and we shall do our best to remain relevant within the forensic audit profession. Major changes during the yester year included restricting the certification period to 3 years in terms of the international best practices and the introduction of the computer-based examinations (CBEs). The CBEs have enabled the Institute to accommodate some international student members and of course due to the high failure rate by the students, the pass mark was reduced from 75% to 70%.

Above all, the Institute is glad with the high level of performance displayed by its members who have been to the courts handling various cases mainly fraud cases. The credibility of our members were put to test by some defense lawyers, but we are happy that some precedence has been set and we are ready to go and defend the Institute and its members. - IFA CEO

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