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New Members Admitted During 2016

The Institute would like to congratulate all the new members who were admitted in 2016 and part in January 2017. It was not an easy assignment at all, but a tough one that required loads of dedication. Learning is a continuous process and further reading and researching is essential if one is to remain a member in good standing.

In order to maintain your certification, please ensure that you pay your annual maintenance fees on time and if this is not done, your certification is automatically suspended at that stage. Besides the maintenance fees, it is also very important that you attain the minimum CPD points per annum and like any other profession, abiding by the code of ethics of the profession is very key and important.

Any questions you might have please feel free to get in touch with your Institute 24/7. Wish you all a happy stay with the Institute and it is our hope that you will help the Institute in attaining its vision of being a global body and so far we are happy to have a reasonable representation in Africa and the world at large.

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