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IFA is the first forensic auditing body in Zimbabwe established in 2012 and grants the professional designation, Certified Forensic Auditor (CFA). As part of our supervisory role, we keep a current register of qualified CFAs.

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New Members Admitted During 2016

The Institute would like to congratulate all the new members who were admitted in 2016 and part in January 2017. It was not an easy assignment at all, but a tough one that required loads of dedication. Learning is a continuous process and further reading and researching is essential if one is to rem…

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The Institute Unveils Futher Professional Designations

HARARE - The Institute has introduced some very exciting professional designations with effect from 1st January 2016. It's good news for the existing CFAs who qualified in prior years. You can now get certified as a Certified Ethical Hacking & Security Expert (CEHSE). This new professional designati…

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